Chairman’s Committee on Leadership

A community engagement program of the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce

The program is designed for Chamber members on the go who cannot afford to be away from work for extended periods of time but do have the desire to learn about and support their community’s growth and prosperity.   The Chairman’s Committee on Leadership will afford the same topics with discussion periods that promote dialog, develop collaboration and present the challenges and opportunities for Monroe County’s economic future.  The goal of each session is to dive as deep “into the weeds” as the allotted time allows.  Community development begins with subject area knowledge and our goal is to provide the opportunity for participants to learn firsthand and meet people who share their concern and want to carry the dialog beyond the classroom.

Participation is come and go and open to any employee of a Chamber member in good standing.  The brevity and flexibility of this program allows participants to cherry pick those topics that are most important to them and/or their employer.


Session I:  Personality Profiles and Management

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017; 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., lunch included

The Gilmore Foundation, Amory

Do you work with people or engage customers?  Of course you do!  Working

with people is the foundation for community development as well as 99% of business.  Everyone’s behavior is different in their approach to opportunities, problems, and communication.  Understanding the role of personalities as it relates to motivation or stress is a vital part of management and working in teams.


The Personality Profiles and Management session will include an individualized DiSC assessment and an overview of the four main characteristics that blend to make up personality traits.  In addition to understanding your own personality you can use the information presented to begin reading others and responding to them according to their personality type rather than your own.

This session is for individuals interested in improving teamwork, communication and management skills.  While not required, participants are encouraged to pay the $60 fee for a personal DiSC assessment which will be reviewed during the session.


Millie Calloway, Senior Program Manager – Economic Development

Tennessee Valley Authority

Nashville, TN

Millie is a certified DiSC Trainer by Impact Business Coaches and has completed the Effective Facilitator training through Leadership Strategies Institute.


Session II: Local Government and Transportation

Thursday, April 27th, 2017; 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., lunch included

The Monroe County Courthouse, Aberdeen – to be confirmed

When communities prioritize their goals, they must provide the funds for those services.  Understanding the budget process and how local governments operate and are funded is vital to community leadership development.  The first half of this session will focus on local government functions and financing.  What’s a millage rate, how is it derived and what about land use’s impact on that rate?  Join us for a roundtable discussion on bonds, budgets, taxes and role of local government.

In relationship to services, the second half of the session will look at the state government’s role in providing basic infrastructure.  From roads and bridges, to airports and waterways.  How is transportation funded and what are the challenges we face to meet our collective needs?


Session II of the Chairman’s Committee on Leadership will be facilitated by Jeremy Martin with the Mississippi Secretary of State.  Presenters will include Lee Barnett, City Clerk Town of Amory; Evan Adams, Monroe County Administrator; Mitzi Presley, Monroe County Tax Assessor and Mississippi’s Northern District Commissioner for Transportation Mike Tagert.


Session III:  Economic and Workforce Development

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017; 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., lunch included

The Gilmore Foundation, Amory

Before a shovel can be put in the ground or a ribbon cut there are many considerations impacting industrial location decisions.  In a community’s attempt to attract new investment the importance of speed, risk and money influence many of the decision factors.  In Session III we will look at the economic development process and the challenges presented by its competitive nature and discuss Monroe County’s competitive advantage as it is now and into the future.

Arguably one of the hottest topics in economic development is an available and skilled workforce.  The second half of this session will look at the post-secondary workforce development ecosystem which includes the ongoing collaborative efforts between multiple state agencies and the community college system.


Session III will be facilitated by Kathy Gelston, Associate VP of Corporate Engagement at Mississippi State University.  The Instructors for this session will include Mary Ann Moon and Bill Renick.  Mary Ann Moon is a certified Economic and Community Developer who serves as Vice President of Business and Economic Development for the Mississippi Legislative and Consulting Group in Jackson. MSLC Group is a government and business affairs consulting firm which provides strategic advice and expertise for businesses, non-profits and other organizations.  Bill Renick is the Workforce Development Director at Three Rivers Planning and Development District.  Three Rivers serves as the fiscal/administrative agent for The Mississippi Partnership, which is responsible for establishing and maintaining a skilled workforce system that provides the highest quality services and a skilled workforce.

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Session IV:  Education and Healthcare

TBD, 2017; 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., lunch included


The final session in Chairman’s Committee on Leadership will begin with a review of the K12 educational system.  While communities rally around their schools on Friday nights and easily understand the outcome of the game they are often rightfully confused by inconsistent state and federal metrics related to school gradings.  This session will look to explain the rigors of student achievement as mandated by either state or federal purse strings.  In addition, the session will review financial comparisons within the region and state as a means of understanding local educational value.

The second half of the session will look at the state of our national and regional healthcare systems.  Access and affordability are terms we hear about but what is the impact locally?  In addition, the session will include a review of existing healthcare amenities in Monroe County and the impact state and federal policies have on their ability to provide services.

 Possible Speakers: Kelly Riley, Executive Director of the Mississippi Professional Educators Association