About Us

Helping businesses discover the many opportunities available in Monroe County is the primary goal of the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce. The Monroe County Chamber of Commerce is ready and eager to help enterprises that would like to explore Monroe County as a site for new or expanded facilities.

Much helpful, basic information is available through this website. When more specialized information or guidance is needed, it’s just a phone call or email message away. If your business is considering Monroe County as a place to locate or grow, we encourage you to get in touch with us.

Mission Statement

The Monroe County Chamber of Commerce was created to utilize the cooperative efforts of the public and private sectors in order to improve the economic welfare and to create a higher quality of life for the residents of Monroe County and the surrounding areas.


We offer these core services for site consultants, business prospects, and local businesses:


The Monroe County Chamber of Commerce realizes that the confidentiality of a given business entity or project is vital to its future success. Our role in protecting confidential information is not taken lightly. Unless directed otherwise, by our client, any and all information is held in the confidence of our director and their assistant.