City of Nettleton


Nettleton is a friendly place in which to live and raise a family, to establish and grow a business or simply enjoy the “good life.” Nettleton is located on four-lane U.S. Highway 45, which is your link to any destination in the United States.


The City of Nettleton was incorporated soon after the Kansas, Memphis and Birmingham Railroad, now the Burlington Northern Santa Fe, began traveling through Lee and Monroe Counties. Several men decided to take advantage of the new railway and established the City of Nettleton in 1888. Nettleton was named after George Henry Nettleton, then president of the Kansas City, Memphis & Birmingham Railroad.

Early industry in Nettleton was the lumber business. Nettleton Hardwood Company opened in 1890 and shipped wood to every state in the nation and large quantities to international markets. After the best timber was exhausted, Nettleton continued as a farming community and slowly but steadily transformed into a small city through the development of the railroad and the construction of Mississippi Highway 6.


Now more than 100 years after being founded, the adaptability and heritage of Nettleton continues. Local residents and businesses alike work together and take pride in their town. We have excellent police, fire and public works departments as well as our own municipal justice system. Our modern city hall building is less than four years old and is an excellent facility for Nettleton residents to use in conducting their city-related business.

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