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Industry Insider

We started Industry Insider in 2018 as a way to connect Monroe County educators with local industry. Last fall, teachers from all throughout the county toured industries and gathered to hear a speaker share the importance of how working hand in hand with local industries brightens everyone’s future.  This fall, teachers will tour their own Career Technical Centers to get a firsthand look at what those students are engaged in and encourage more students to look into career tech programs. While meeting with educators as part of the follow-up from Industry Insider, we learned that they have a deep desire to bring industry exposure to our students in the classroom.

Industry Insider WAE

(Workforce Advancing Education)

Industry Insider WAE (Workforce Advancing Education) was created as a direct result of Industry Insider. This fall, we plan to begin exposing our students to things being made in right here in Monroe County beginning at the elementary school level. Local industries will come in to show students some of the unique things they produce, students will tour the local career technical centers and lots more fun interactive things.