Free Childcare Program

This is GREAT news for Mississippi families! Please share with your employees, friends, customers, and anyone else you feel might be able to benefit from this program. FREE CHILDCARE is available during the pandemic for ALL of these front-line workers!

Apply HERE:

As of August 1st, ALL the below jobs are now included! More families can be served!

In response to COVID-19, the following employment conditions are required for an emergency 90-day certificate under the Emergency population:

  1. public safety and first responders
  2. law enforcement
  3. fire prevention and response
  4. emergency medical technicians (EMTs)
  5. 911 call center personnel
  6. Nurses, technicians, receptionists, food service employees, and sanitation service employees working in hospitals, clinics, and medical offices providing health treatment
  7. research and laboratory operations
  8. nursing homes
  9. residential health care facilities
  10. congregate care facilities
  11. assisted living facilities
  12. elder care
  13. medical wholesale and distribution
  14. home health workers and aides
  15. medical supply and equipment manufacturers and providers
  16. medical waste disposal
  17. hazardous waste disposal
  18. repair technicians providing in-home repair services
  19. social workers and mental health workers providing in-person services
  20. other ancillary healthcare services on a case by case basis employees with regular direct customer contact in the following job roles:
  21. teaching, food preparation, sanitation, and reception staff within child care facilities and schools
  22. cashiers, servers, meal delivery drivers, and bartenders within food service locations
  23. cashiers, and those responsible for bagging, filling, and delivering customer orders within grocery stores
  24. cashiers in retail stores, i.e. department stores, dollar stores, drug stores, and gas stations
  25. sanitation workers
  26. bank tellers and public service clerks (DMV, Department of Health, Tax Assessor, Court Clerks, County Clerks)
  27. staff in hair, nail, tanning salons, spas, and fitness clubs
  28. staff in veterinary offices
  29. Health and City Inspectors conducting on-site inspections
  30. staff in hotels, motels

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Check with your childcare provider or with the MDHS for a provider near you.

Providers can complete the CCAIR Training by clicking on the COVID-19 Updates section at