Adulting 101

September 17, 2019 @ 5:30 pm


Are you a tween, millenial, or 30-something lacking basic life skills? Adulting 101 classes will start Tuesday, September 17, 2019 at 5:30 pm at the Extension office in Aberdeen! Depending on the ages that sign up, the class times may be divided into younger/more mature.

The whole series of classes is $20 or $5 per class. These are meant to be fun and not more stress added to you!

Here’s a look at what we will cover:
Class 1(Sept. 17): finances- budgeting, banking, emergency fund, comparison shopping

Class 2 (Sept. 24): gardening- compost, soil analysis, seed saving, propagation, transplanting, poisonous plants, herbs, basic floral design

Class 3 (Sept. 30): health and hygiene- home remedies, first aid, healthy food, different types of pharmaceuticals

Class 4 (Oct. 10): cleaning- stains, hand wash dishes (stoneware, cast iron), clean fridge, plunge toilets, laundry

Class 5 (Oct. 22):kitchen- knife skills, food safety, basic cooking (we will cook a meal and dessert from scratch during this class)

Class 6 (Oct. 29): miscellaneous- choose produce, hammer and drill, change light bulbs, tire pressure, how to use the library, how to tip, how to read a map, basic etiquette

*Participants must be 12 years old to participate
**All classes are pay when you come, except the kitchen class. I will need a headcount on it by 10-18