Chairman’s Committee on Leadership – Session I: Personality Profiles & Management

March 29, 2017 @ 11:00 am – 1:30 pm
Gilmore Foundation
203 Gilmore Dr
Amory, MS 38821
662-256-7194 or 662-369-6488

Do you work with people or engage customers?  Of course you do!  Working with people is the foundation for community development as well as 99% of business.  Everyone’s behavior is different in their approach to opportunities, problems, and communication.  Understanding the role of personalities as it relates to motivation or stress is a vital part of management and working in teams.

The Personality Profiles and Management session will include an individualized DiSC assessment and an overview of the four main characteristics that blend to make up personality traits.  In addition to understanding your own personality you can use the information presented to begin reading others and responding to them according to their personality type rather than your own.

This session is for individuals interested in improving teamwork, communication and management skills.  While not required, participants are encouraged to pay the $60 fee for a personal DiSC assessment which will be reviewed during the session.


Millie Calloway, Senior Program Manager – Economic Development

Tennessee Valley Authority

Nashville, TN

Millie is a certified DiSC Trainer by Impact Business Coaches and has completed the Effective Facilitator training through Leadership Strategies Institute.